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En busca de la felycidad (Pursuit of Happiness)

En busca de la felycidad (Pursuit of Happiness)

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En busca de la felycidad (Pursuit of Happiness)

En busca de la felycidad (Pursuit of Happiness)

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At the age of twenty, Milwaukee native Chris Gardner arrived in San Francisco to pursue a promising career in medicine. He surprised everyone and himself by setting his sights on the competitive world of high finance. Yet no sooner had he landed an entry-level position at a prestigious firm than Gardner found himself caught in a web of incredibly challenging circumstances that left him homeless and with a toddler son. Motivated by the promise he made to himself as a fatherless child to never abandon his own children; the two spent almost a year moving among shelters. Never giving in to despair, Gardner made an astonishing transformation from being part of the city's invisible poor to being a powerful player in its financial district.


Gardner's inspiring rags-to-riches memoir of his transformation from homeless single father to philanthropic owner of a multimillion-dollar brokerage house somehow has less of an impact in audio than on paper. Blake has an excellent, manly voice, perfect intonation and excellent streetwise cursing abilities (a crucial part of Gardner's account of his relationship with his stepfather). Yet as good as the narrator is, by the third CD listeners may not be able to shake the feeling that he's an actor reading someone else's words. Since Gardner's love of jazz is a running theme, the evocative jazz trumpet music at the beginning and end of each CD is appropriate; even more between-tracks music might have been effective where the narrator's pauses are not long or dramatic enough (say, between one sentence where he is with his biological father in Louisiana and the next, at work in his brokerage office). This is a moving story whose audio version might have been better served with more dramati c devices., Publishers Weekly

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