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The Thank You Economy

The Thank You Economy

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311 minutes



The Thank You Economy isn't some abstract concept or wacky business strategy. It's the way we buy and sell, the way we interact as consumers, employees, or entrepreneurs on all levels. The way our marketplace functions has been evolving right before our eyes. Top-down, one-way exchanges are gone, replaced by relationships based on open, honest, and constant communication between customers and business. Today, individuals and brands that 'out-care' and 'out-love' their competition see the biggest returns. In The Thank You Economy, he dissects the companies on the leading edge, showing how they are succeeding - and sometimes failing. Passionate and persuasive, he reminds us that surviving and thriving today takes more than just hard work - it takes a heartfelt thanks to those who make it possible.


...a worthy book and fun to read, too. Applicable to enterprises of all stripes..., The Washington Times

...compelling...Filled with Vaynerchuk's irrepressible candor and wit, as well as real-world examples..., Success Magazine

Starred Review. Vaynerchuk's passionate, heartfelt reading keeps this lively material moving along...an important work., Library Journal

...essential knowledge for everyone in business., Fuzed Marketing

Nominated for a 2012 Audie Award. Vaynerchuk is a charming narrator whose chutzpah is in perpetual high gear...This is the type of ad-lib that gives this audio so much immediacy and impact. His friendly urgency is an effective way to remind us that connecting with people is always more important than trying to sell them something., AudioFile Magazine

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